Luggage, Backpacks and Bags Quality Inspection

Different types of Luggage, Backpacks, and Bags Manufactured in China & South of Asia

Luggage, Backpacks and Bags Inspection Service Agency in China & AsiaThe luggage, backpacks, and bags are used to carry and store personal belongings especially when traveling,  it’s not just useful for storing, but also kind of constitute fashionable accessories or functional companions in daily life. so the expectations regarding quality and functionality will always remain high, no matter how varied the purposes of shape or style.

The customer would demand the products are not only high-quality and durable but also comply with legal requirements, so please imaging quality control solutions for your brand and avoid risk from quality issues.

Different types of luggage, backpack, bag and fashion accessories including below but not all listed:

Luggage & Travel GearBackpacksLaptop BackpackWallets
SuitcasesGolf BagsShoulder handbagsPurses
Travel bagsHandbagsLaptop BagsCrossbody Bag

Quality Control Solution

Quality issues and delivery failures impact directly on your supply chain efficiency, profit margins, and brand’s reputation. so buyers set up an effective quality control system to meet quality and safety standards, along with expectations of end-users.

The particularity of these backpacks etc. is they are mostly made of different fabric parts being sewn all together, so it also usually includes zipper, button, label, logo, handle and other items

AQI Service offers quality control inspection services at every stage of the supply chain, we have full experience in this industry, offering factory audit, product testing, and inspections services to verify the quality, specifications, functions, safety, and compliance of your products based on US, EU, and numerous other standards including ASTM, REACH and CPSIA

Quality Control Approach

AQI Service technical team work closely with your team to create a specific inspection checklist for your products, and our inspector will verify the quality of mass production based on your Acceptable Quality Limites (AQL), perform product function and safety tests, and assess compliance with your product’s specifications and authorized samples. Your products’ workmanship is carefully examined, and defects are classified into subcategories to highlight the key improvement areas for production.

We are your eyes in manufacturing and quality control.

How to Create Inspection Checklist for these Luggage, Backpacks and Bags

Here are the typical quality defects usually happed on these products

  • Fabric: Did the factory use the same fabric with the golden sample
  • Measurement: Do the actual measurements conform to your design and sample
  • Workmanship: How is the workmanship? good for sale in-store or online?
  • Printing and Painting: does the color of the bulk stable? how is the quality of printing and painting look like?
  • Logo: How is the quality of the logo, as everybody knows, the logo is one of the most important factors for the bags
  • Function: Always pay attention to the function, don’t let your customer down.
  • Wheels: the same problem with the function, be sure to make the products reliable.
  • Accessories: Prepare the quality accessories, the customer will more trust your bags with quality accessories.

How to create Inspection Checklist for backpacks, luggage and bags, here are typical quality defects

Typical Quality Defects

  • Dirty stain
  • Wrinkle
  • Untrimmed thread
  • Poor stitching
  • Yarn draw out on the fabric
  • Needle hole
  • Zipper puller tape sewed into seam
  • Poor binding
  • Poor sewing for care label
  • Holes
  • Broken seam

Functional Tests and Testing in Laboratory

Main tests could be performed during an inspection at the factory, and the choice of tests to be carried out varies according to the design and intended use.

Zipper testSmell check
Pocket checkWaterproof test
Lobster Clasps testExport carton drop test
Nail testSeam strength check
3M tape Logo testBarcode scanning test
Luggage set up testRolling tests/Durability test
Fitting testColor fastness test
GSM CheckMetal detection test
Inside stuffing checkStitches per inch check
Static and Dynamic loading test of handle
Static and Dynamic loading test of the shoulder belt

Testing on material or products are required to analyze the compliance with the standards and regulations of your destination country, our inspector can help the client to draw samples to our partner accredited laboratory for testing, we can also forward the shipping samples while During-Production Inspection or Pre-shipment Inspection.

The testing normally including Flammability, REACH, CPSIA, Phthalates, Proposition 65, AZO EN14362-1&2

Normally the testing will take around 3-10 days to get the test report, we recommend a selection of test applicable to safety risks and compliance, any questions please contact AQI Service.

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Knowledge of Industry Testing

ASTM D3826 – 98: The ASTM D3826 – 98 is used for the Determining Degradation End Point in Degradable Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

ASTM D6613 – 08: The ASTM D6613 – 08 Standard is used for the Determining of the Presence of Sizing in Nylon or Polyester Fabrics. This standard features a staining scale from 1 to 5 which is proportional to the amount of sizing in the nylon or polyester fabric.

AATCC Test Method 30-2004: The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists developed the AATCC 30 – 2004 for two purposes which are to determine the susceptibility of the textile materials to mildew and rot and to evaluate the efficacy of fungicides on textiles materials used on luggage.

AATCC Test Method 111-2009: The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists developed the AATCC 111-2009 Test for the weather resistance of textiles. This test method provides several testing methods for determining the weather resistance of textile materials used in the manufacturing of luggage.

Consumer Product Safety Act: The Consumer Product Safety Commission declares that the paint materials for luggage that contains lead compounds cannot exceed 0.06 percent of the weight of the total nonvolatile content of the paint.

Association of Contract Textiles: The ACT developed Testing Standards such as Flame resistance tests, Crocking resistance tests, Ultra-violet light resistance tests, Physical properties tests, and Abrasion tests used during the production stages of manufacturing.

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