Different Baby Products Import From China and Test Standards

What Type of Different Baby Products You are Importing from China?

Below we listed different baby products that you are may import from China or Asia now

Baby Products-General Supplies

  1. Bottle nipple brush
  2. Bottle clip
  3. Bottle cleaning fluid
  4. Feeding bottles, Plastic bottles, Stainless steel bottles, Silicone bottle
  5. The fresh milk vacuum device
  6. Milk box
  7. Pacifiers
  8. Prams & strollers
  9. Prams & strollers
  10. Soft spoon.

Baby Products-Daily necessities

  1. Baby given medicines.
  2. Baby socks.
  3. Baby potty.
  4. Baby Mattress
  5. Breast pump
  6. Cotton swabs,
  7. Cotton balls.
  8. Cooling paste.
  9. Deciduous teeth pacifier development.
  10. Electronic thermometer.
  11. Nose cleaner.
  12. Practicing dental appliances.
  13. Paste ventilated nose and throat.
  14. Spill milk lactation pad.
  15. Security card.
  16. Security desk corner.
  17. Tweezers.

Baby Products-Wash supplies

  1. Baby laundry soap (U-ZA infant laundry soap)
  2. Baby shampoo
  3. Baby Bath
  4. Baby powder
  5. Baby Nappy Cream
  6. Bath net
  7. Large bath towel
  8. Nail clippers
  9. Skincare wipes
  10. Skin products: moisturizing cream, lotion, moisturizer
  11. Water temperature gauge

Baby Products-Electrical Appliances

  1. Bottle sterilizer.
  2. Bottle Warmer
  3. Milk modulator
  4. Thermostats Bowl

Baby Products-Diapers, Paper diapers

  1. Gauze diapers
  2. Paper  diapers
  3. Wet mat

Baby Products-Clothing

  1. Bib.
  2. Booties
  3. Baby socks.
  4. Gloves.
  5. Hats.
  6. Toddler shoes
  7. Underwear.

Baby Products-Home and outside Equipment

Cribs and beds Group/Mosquito nets/Bed bell/Baby trolleys/Baby walkers/Walking

During the products importing from China and quality controlling, safety is the most important, and the industry-standard certifications for the products you should know:

Test standard for Prams & strollers

  1. AS/NZS 2088:2000 prams and strollers-safety requirements
  2. BS 7409: 1996 safety requirements for wheeled child conveyance
  3. ASTM F 833-01 carriages and strollers
  4. EN1888-2003 safety requirements for wheeled child conveyance

Test standard for Baby cribs, children’s cots& play yards

  1. BS EN716 (parts 1,2 &3)-95 children’s cots and folding cots for domestic use
  2. BS EN12227:99 (part 1 & 2) Playpens for domestic use
  3. EN 1466:98 carrycots and stands
  4. BS EN 1130:97 crib & cradle for domestic use
  5. AS/NZS 2172:95 cots for household use -safety requirements
  6. AS/NZS 2195:99 folding cots-safety requirements
  7. 16 CFR Part 1508 Requirements for full-size baby cribs
  8. 16 CFR Part 1509 Requirements for Non-full-size baby cribs
  9. ASTM F406:99 Play yard
  10. ASTM F1169:99 full-size baby cribs
  11. ASTM F966:00 full size & non-full -size baby cribs
  12. ASTM F 2085:03 safety specification for portable bed rails

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