Amazon FBA Inspection

Why Amazon FBA Sellers Need Product Inspections & Testings

As an FBA Seller, Why You Need Amazon FBA Inspection?

How to sell on amazon? If you’re planning to sell on Amazon, it’s crucial to know that the quality of your products matters a lot. Amazon has put in place FBA rules to improve the quality of products that sellers get at all times. To ensure that you follow all the strict Amazon FBA rules, we strongly recommend that you use Amazon FBA inspection services for your shipments from China.

The product and packaging quality mean a lot to every Amazon seller and buyer. With excellent quality control, you can excel among your competitors and attract more customers. Otherwise, you may face returned orders that will ruin your reputation, not to mention that it will cost you more money and time.

So, to keep your reputation and earn the trust of your customers, you need to ensure that all your goods meet the seller’s guidelines. This involves proper packaging and ensuring that the goods arrive without any damage.

Why Do FBA Sellers Need Amazon FBA Inspection Service?

Your main aim as an FBA seller is to get and sell high-quality products. Yes, without quality products, you stand no chance to succeed in this business. Damaged or poorly packed goods will result in a lot of returns leading to bad reviews and low sales in the end. As a result, your account may be suspended by Amazon and your business might collapse within a few months.

But how can you ensure that you meet the guidelines when buying goods from another country? Well, a reliable way is to board a plane to China so that you can be there to ensure everything is okay. But wait, is that feasible? No. the costs of transportation and accommodation might break your wallet, and you end up making less profit. A great option is to hire a product inspection company in China. This way, you cut the costs and have peace of mind considering that the inspection is done by experts so nothing will be left out.

Besides, Amazon is more competitive today, unlike before. This means that a single bad review of your products can greatly damage your brand in many ways. To avoid such, you need to make use of the services from reputable amazon inspection companies such as AQI Service which will check the quality of the products ensuring that they meet Amazon FBA requirements.

Hire Amazon FBA Inspection Services in China

Any issues with the product are major defects or minor damage to the goods should be rectified early before the products are shipped to Amazon.

But even if the products are manufactured by machines, mistakes are prone to happen since mistakes are not limited to manually manufactured goods. You can expect to find only several small defects on every order. Hiring an inspector will help to ensure that no manufacturing mistakes get to your customer. The inspection company ensures that only quality products are delivered for sale.

The objective of most manufacturers is to cut costs. As a result, they may end up using low-quality materials that don’t meet the Amazon FBA standards. To avoid this, make sure that you give the manufacturer proper instructions on the materials, measurements, and packaging that should be used in the manufacture. Also, hand the same information to your product inspection company so that they know what to check or test for.

Here are some of the things that you should do:

  • Inform the supplier that the products will be inspected and the AQL Standard will be used.
  • Don’t work with suppliers who don’t accept quality inspection
  • Make sure you have a contract agreement and a purchase order all the time
  • Avoid paying the full amount until the inspection is done.

Most suppliers are reluctant and slow in response once they have received full payment. Withholding partial payment will give you more leverage which pushes them to respond quickly and fix the issues.

What’s Amazon FBA Inspection?

The Amazon FBA product inspection is done at the end of the supply chain. It happens when the products are packed and ready to ship. Amazon has provided a detailed checklist that sellers must fulfill. The goods are checked through the checklist before being sent to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

It is advisable to use the Amazon FBA inspection service to ensure safety and quality. Amazon created these guidelines to help Amazon sellers improve their quality control and follow Amazon’s strict FBA standards.

AQI Services provide you with a stress-free Amazon FBA inspection ensuring that your products are not rejected by Amazon due to low quality or violation of the Amazon FBA guidelines.

What does an Amazon FBA Inspection Service Include?

Amazon FBA Inspection Report Sample
Amazon FBA Inspection Report Sample

When products are ready for shipment, an Amazon FBA inspection is performed. Amazon has specific guidelines that must be adhered to, such as:

1.   The Quantity of the Order

It is checked to ensure the quantity ordered is the same as the quantity produced.

2.   The Quality Meets the Requirements of the FBA Seller

Customers want the products to match the Amazon descriptions. In a typical 100-sale transaction, 3-4 customers leave a review.

One negative review early on can significantly impact future sales, and it could severely harm the seller’s Amazon listing. It is the case when clients who submit reviews do not receive the product they expected.

3. Defects of Products

Products sold through Amazon should follow stringent quality control procedures. It ensures sellers don’t get an order of products they can’t sell. Besides,  any quality issues are addressed before the buyer pays.

4.   Ensure Packaging Meets Amazon’s FBA Requirements

FBA requires that all packaging, including internal and exterior, be compliant. Otherwise, Amazon may charge you an extra fee for repacking or refuse your shipment entirely.

5.   Ensure that the Labeling Meets FBA Criteria.

It is critical that labeling be done correctly. This procedure is stringent at Amazon. You should pay special attention to issues such as poly bags with proper warning labels.

What does an Amazon FBA Inspection Report Include?

A complete checklist will be listed in the Amazon FBA Inspection report. It will show the criteria the provider has managed and failed to meet. Each report section will be accompanied by visual evidence to help illustrate the seller’s difficulties. Inspection reports include:

1.   Inspection Remarks

This section contains notes that serve as a summary of the entire report.

2.   Workmanship

This section will summarize the supplier’s level of workmanship. Besides, this section will list all faults discovered during the inspection.

3.   Quantity

This section will display the product amount in a tabular manner. Besides, it will be compared to the customer’s needs.

4.   Conformity of the Product

This section will show the product details. Next, it will also show any standards or product quality issues that these products may have.

5.   Amazon’s Regulations for Packaging and Labeling

This section will highlight the differences between the FNSKU labeling standards and the Amazon FBA requirements.

Amazon fba inspection and FBA labels on cartonsSuffocation-Labels_Amazon fba labels on packagings and FBA Inspection

6.   Field Test Section

This section of the report discussed the tests performed on the products. The result of each test is displayed too.

7.   Measurement Section

Errors with individual product measurements are discovered here. It also mentions whether the product measurements meet the customer’s expectations.

8.   Dimensions and Weight of Carton

If any concerns with the carton’s weight and dimensions are discovered compared to Amazon FBA criteria, they will be listed in this section.

Why is Amazon FBA Inspection important?

Many businesses fail to meet the FBA’s strict requirements. As a result of their failure to follow Amazon FBA regulations, their products are rejected. An Amazon FBA inspection will ensure sellers have a hassle-free selling experience on the Amazon platform.

There are other advantages to having goods tested under Amazon FBA requirements:

1.   Avoid Product Rejection

The FBA inspections ensure that sellers deliver products that will not be rejected. It also helps avoid any problems that may occur as a result of the rejection.

2.   Improve Product Quality

The Amazon FBA inspections can considerably increase the quality of products. It will help enhance your brand reputation and increase customer retention.

3.   Success Storing and Shipping

You can verify that the products are delivered to the correct warehouse using proper labeling and package checks. It also helps in the prevention of penalties and negative client feedback.

4.   Avoid Accidents

The FBA inspection will assist sellers in avoiding any last-minute surprises. It is to prevent costing time, money, and customer pleasure.

Types of FBA Inspection Service

Here are different types of inspection services for Amazon FBA shipments:

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI Inspection)

Pre-shipment inspection is concerned with detecting problems before goods are packed and ready for shipping, which makes the process easier and cheaper. Inspection companies usually offer 3 types of quality inspection:

Full Inspection (Defect Sorting Service)

Each of the products will be reviewed during the Full inspection

Spot/Random Inspection: 

About 10% of the products are reviewed.

AQL Random Inspection:

Samples are picked using the AQL Sampling technique for reviewing.

While the full inspection will cost you more, it is the most reliable method. Think about this, a partial inspection is done, and out of the 100 products picked, 20 of them have defects. What does this mean? Chances are that there could be more products with defects as well.

When this happens, you can either accept the risk that 20 products out of the 100 pieces could be defective or top up the amount for a full inspection to be certain that the goods are of the right quality. Obviously, a sure bet is to conduct a full inspection. You can also review the entire quality control process, find out how the defects were made to tell if more products might be defective then make a decision.

How is the Amazon FBA Inspection Conducted?

amazon fba inspection report_sample

Our company will send inspectors familiar with Amazon FBA inspections at the end of the manufacturing process. These inspectors will look for the following things in the seller’s products:

1.   Quality in FBA Requirements

The right quality is to be specified in the FBA requirements.

2.   Quality of Packaging

The inspector will check the quality of packing and packaging against the Amazon FBA requirements.

3.   Product Labeling

Proper product labeling and markings, including FNSKU labels, suffocation labels, etc.

4.   Workmanship

The workmanship of the products.

5.   Weight and Measurement

Amazon FBA regulations on the measurements, weights, and GSM of your products.

Amazon FBA Labeling and Packaging Guide

Amazon has a lot of packaging and labeling regulations. These restrictions are usually determined by the country you will be shipping to. Amazon’s packaging requirements in the United Kingdom differ from those in the United States. It also differs from Amazon’s packaging requirements in Germany.

FNSKU is Amazon’s way of identifying a product as unique to the seller who supplied it to the fulfillment center.

On Amazon’s menu, there are 11 different types of FNSKU label specifications. In this case, the seller can select one of the labels for their product. You can tell what kind of goods are being marketed by looking at the labels. “40-up labels 52.5 mm x 29.7 mm on A4” is the most common label for Amazon products.

All of the options for printing the FNSKU labels are listed below.

Total length plus width of bagMinimum print size
60 inches or more24 point
40 to 59 inches18 point
30 to 39 inches14 point
less than 29 inches10 point

Sold as Set Labels:

The units that should be sold as a set must not be separated and sold separately. Such products must be identified and labeled as sets on their external packaging. It is to tell Amazon that they will be sold as a single unit and will not be treated as a single entity.

Suffocation Labels:

Warnings about suffocation labels are required for poly bags with openings of 5 inches or larger openings.

Warning labels must be in a legible font and put on the product’s most visible face. The font size of the warning labels can be determined using the table below.

Shipment Labels:

Shipment labels must be placed on the product’s outermost packaging/cartons to inform Amazon of shipment data. A new delivery plan can generate these shipment labels in the seller’s system.

Small Parcel Delivery (SPD)

The SPD is for small units packed in separate boxes and labeled on the boxes individually.

This type of shipping will include products from other sellers and your own. Furthermore, the complete consignment may have many dropping stations along the road.


Amazon FBA sellers must meet many requirements to sell products in Amazon FBA’s program. Sellers must ensure that their products are adequately prepared and defect-free. Fully functional items result in satisfied consumers. It will then lead to positive reviews and additional sales.

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Amazon FBA inspection is an essential and crucial step for every Amazon seller before the products are ready for shipment. It enables you to detect any manufacturing mistakes early enough and resolve them before the products arrive at your customer’s hands. This, in turn, saves you money and time. It also enables you to build your brand by earning trust from customers and getting good reviews.