Electrical Blender Quality Control and Product Inspection Service in China

Electrical Blender Manufacturing in China

In China, lots of manufacturers supply series of motor driving products like blender, juicers, food processors, toasters, etc. they provide ODM and OEM for the brand, and AQI Service did lots of quality inspections too, check out what we did during the inspection

Blender Quality Inspection Service in China:

  • 1. Inspection sample plan (Inspection plan, including AQL and inspection level)
  • 2. Package information (Shipping mark, rating mark, labeling manual, and packaging method)
    2.1 Appearance check
    2.2 Packing and shipping marks check
  • 3. Sample Comparison (for color and style reference only)
  • 4. Product specification check (temp, capacity, rating power, cord length…etc)
  • 5. Construction Data Form-CDF (for marking comparison only, not for verification of the components)
  • 6. Functional and on-site tests
    6.1 Assembly check
    6.2 Function check 1) according to the instruction manual; 2) Test the power on/off function; 3) Test the indicator light; 4) Speed dial function test
    6.3 Fatigue Test
    6.4 Rub check
    6.5 Tape test
    6.6 Stability test
    6.7 Running test
    6.8 Carton drop check
    6.9 Hi-pot Test
    6.10 Earth continuity check
    6.11 Input power check
    6.12 Pull test and strain relief for the power cord
    6.13 Internal test
    6.14 Abnormal test
    6.15 Standby/Off power test for ErP
    6.16 Spark check
    6.17 Smell check
    6.18 Application test
    6.19 Noise level check
    6.20 Rotation speed check

Blender quality control and product inspection service in China performed by AQI service

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