What Is Chemical Testing Analysis And Why Is It Important?

Chemical Testing is an experiment to examine the composition and quality of chemical substances and materials. It also determines whether any foreign particles exist or not. Whenever your supplier presents a sample, the first requirement of your analyst is to identify what sort of substances are being used to prepare this sample.

So both your analyst should be expert enough in this field, and the lab must be equipped with the latest technology. Because, based on the results of the chemical test, you supposedly determine the acceptability of your supplier.

In this modern industrialized period, lab test results on the chemical composition of products admittedly play a pivotal role in awarding any supplier. This report certifies whether

  1. The raw materials meet certain specification or not
  2. The quality of the final product is up to the par or below

Type of Chemical Testing Analysis

Generally, chemical testing analysis can be divided into following two folds

  1. Qualitative Analyses: This analysis is generally carried out by grouping of elements those present in Whether any impurity or particle of another group exists in the sample, can be identified by qualitative analysis.
  2. Quantitative Analysis: This analysis deals with the amount or percentage of constituents of Various methods are employed for quantitative analysis.

Depending on the purpose of experiments, chemical testing analysis is categorized as follow:

  • Proximate Analysis:  Amount  of  all  elements  in  a  sample  is  generally  identified regardless of the actual compounds
  • Partial Analysis: In this analysis, basically a few selected constituents are
  • Trace Constituent  Analysis:  Analysts  are  concerned  with  the  identification  of specified components that exist in a sample in a small
  • Complete Analysis: Each and every element present in a sample are identified with their respective

On the basis of sample size, chemical testing analysis is classified as

  1. Macroanalysis: sample size is relatively bigger e. 0.1g or more
  2. Mesoanalysis: sample size ranging from 01 to 0.1g
  3. iii ) Microanalysis: sample size ranging from 0.001 to 0.01g
  4. Submicron analysis: sample size ranging from 0001 to 0.001g
  5. ultra microanalysis: sample size is lowest e. below 0.0001g

The quantitative execution of chemical reactions is the basis of the traditional or classical methods of chemical testing analysis

  1. Gravimetric Analysis: The substance being determined is converted into an insoluble precipitate which is collected and
  2. Titrimetric Analysis: The substance to be determined is allowed to react with an appropriate reagent
  3. Volumetric Analysis: It is concerned with measuring the volume of gas evolved or absorbed in a chemical

Instrumental Method for Chemical Testing Analysis:

It generally involves the use of a set of instruments to perform the analysis. Despite the advantages possessed by instrumental methods, it is influenced by following three main factors

  1. The apparatus required for the classical procedure is generally cheap and readily available. But in instrumental methods, many instruments are expensive and there are some constraints using Only a few laboratories that are equipped with these instruments. So whenever you select anybody for this service, please be ensured first.
  2. Since an instrumental method is ideally suited to the performance of a large number of routine determinations,  you must check your in-house resources

whether they are capable of doing this. Otherwise, it is wise to get in touch with someone who is offering a lash testing service.

In addition to the main general methods of analysis, there are some other specialized techniques that are applied in special circumstances.

Factors of Analysis:

Following crucial factors that must be taken into account while selecting a propitious method of analysis-

  1. The nature of the information you are looking for from this analysis
  2. The size of the sample as well as the proportion of constituent to be identified
  • The purpose of analytical data


It is essential that analysts are familiar with the apparatus as well as procedures. Otherwise, the report will lead to making the wrong decision. Thus, it is always recommended to test samples, provided by your supplier, either by your in-house experts, or hire any third party who is excelled in lab experiments.

  1. The bench must be clean and a bench-cloth must be available around you so that any spillages of solid or liquid chemicals [solution] can be removed immediately.
  2. All glassware has to be scrupulously clean and rinsed with distilled or deionized water before
  3. The working surface of the bench should not be cluttered with apparatus
  4. Reagent bottles must not be accumulated on the

Importance of Chemical Testing Analysis:

The chemical testing analysis is usually performed on raw materials or any item to be ensured that there is no unusual substance present which might be deleterious to the manufacturing process or appear as a harmful impurity in the final product. Moreover, the value of an item may be determined by the amount of ingredient which it contains. For such reason,

quantitative chemical testing analysis is very crucial before you bargain with your supplier about price issues. So many buyers outsource chemical testing works for fixing the price as well as checking the quality of constituents. AQI service is certainly one of the best agencies for this service.

The development of new products also requires the service of analytical chemists. It will be necessary to ascertain the composition of the mixture which shows the optimum characteristics for the purpose for which the material is being developed.

Final Words

Chemical Testing Analysis is however an important part to diagnose the chemical composition of an item. Based on this result, you might make a momentous decision whether to accept this supplier or reject the sample for being bad ingredients. As a result, you are highly recommended to either develop your laboratory with the latest apparatus or give it to someone who will test the sample of your Chinese supplier, on behalf of you. (More about AQI Testing Services)

Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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