Glassware/Glass products inspection in China

Glass products, Glassware inspection
Have you import different kinds of glassware, glass cups, glass bottle, craft, mirror etc glass products from China? Have you ever hired a third party inspection service company to check the quality before shipping out?

  1. Glass Bottle
  2. Glass Cap
  3. Glass Craft
  4. Glass Drying oven
  5. Glass Explosion-proof tubes
  6. Glass Lampshade
  7. Glass Mirror
  8. Glass Mug
  9. Glassware
  10. Blown Glassware
  11. Table Glassware

During the glassware inspection, the inspector will check the below common workmanship and appearance factors but not all included:

  1. Color: compared with the sample, there shall be no obvious difference on the vision
  2. Black/stain: acceptable < 0.5 mm (1-2 parts, MAJ or less 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm or less 1 / parts
  3. Bubble: acceptable < 0.5 mm (1-2 parts, MAJ or less 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm or less 1 / parts
  4. Damage: not acceptable
  5. Deformation: acceptable < 0.2 mm (1-2 parts, MAJ or less 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm or less 1 / parts
  6. Scratched/touch/bruising: acceptable < 3.0 mm (1-2 parts, MAJ or less 3.0 mm to 6.0 mm or less 1 / parts, and there shall be no scraping the hand phenomenon
  7. Edge/corner: the edge is smooth, there shall be no scratch, hand, collapse, collapse phenomenon
  8. Mixing: there shall be no mixing phenomenon
  9. Others: thickness, High temperature resistance test,Real match
  10. Client’s special requirement.

And the inspector will also do on site tests for these glassware, like the hot water testing, leakage testing, volume checking etc. to ensure the general function and reliability of the glassware

Glass products, Glassware inspection

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