Promotional Gifts Quality Control and Product Inspection Service

Promotional Gifts Manufactured in China

kids playing toys and raw materials testingAQI Service offers professional Promotional Gifts quality inspection and testing services in China and Asia. Most products related to promotional Gifts (Search it on quality inspection we are covering (without being limited to):

  • Aluminium ID Card Holder
  • Business Gifts
  • Baby tree
  • Cap opener
  • Dog tag/metal dog tag
  • Electronic Gifts
  • Festival Gifts
  • Finger bell
  • Hip flask
  • Homeware Gifts
  • Innovative Gifts
  • Kids Gift
  • Mini tools
  • Mini tools set
  • Mini promotion toolset
  • Mini toolbox
  • Party mask
  • Party Suppliers
  • Phone portable charger
  • PVC fridge magnet
  • Silicone watch
  • Silicone wristband
  • Led pocket mirror
  • Mobile phone holder
  • USB Drive

Importing promotional goods is a risky activity. Purchasers are often in contact with tens of different suppliers located in developing Asian countries. To make matters worse, they often select suppliers on the basis of price alone. This is a recipe for frequent quality problems. common factors to check for Promotional Gifts quality control are Quantity/Varieties/Material/Size/Color/Logo /Imprint/Packing/Workmanship/Function etc.

We have performed thousands of QC inspections on promotional gifts

Below a list of the most 10 frequent defects:

  • 1. The proportion of visual defects on the products
  • 2. Labelling & marking
  • 3. Function test
  • 4. Tests relative to importing country’s regulations
  • 5. Colours or general appearance of the product
  • 6. Inner packing
  • 7. Export packing
  • 8. Size & weight
  • 9. Drop test
  • 10. Wrong assortment or wrong quantity inside cartons

How to avoid receiving products with the above defects?

  • A: Make sure you describe what you require clarification, with a drawing whenever possible. or prepare a detail inspection checklist, Don’t leave the choice to the factory.
  • B: Approve a pre-production sample as a Golden Sample, make it clear that you expect production to be up to that standard. Keep a sample for you, and send one to the factory.
  • C: Send quality inspector to the factory to check quality. Most buyers schedule pre-shipment inspection based on AQL standard after production is finished. However, you may need to know the status of production, if they manufacture correct products, then send inspector during production too. This will allow you to catch the problems early and to push the manufacturer to take corrective actions.

Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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