What is Third-party Amazon FBA Prep Service? What You can get from FBA Prep Service?

What is Amazon FBA Prep Service?

FBA prep is a process of getting the inventory prepared to send to Amazon fulfilment centres. As Amazon has some special requirements for packaging and labelling to create a better customer experience. Therefore, you must go through this process for doing business through this largest online shopping platform.

Basically, there are three options when it comes to FBA prep:

  1. Doing it yourself
  2. Paying Amazon to manage it
  3. Outsourcing it to a third party company

What does A Third-party FBA Prep Service Provider Do?

Generally, a third-party does everything that you would do before sending goods to Amazon FBA. What are the things you should do? Here are some activities that are usually done by any third party FBA prep service provider during shipment inspection-

  1. The work of a third-party FBA prep service provider starts with inspecting every single item to become sure the package contains no broken or damaged product
  2. They also check whether there are any stickers sealed on the products. If they find anything like this, they remove it or efface it from the product’s body or package.
  3. Amazon has some certain policies about inventory management. Therefore, they arrange inventory according to Amazon’s requirements.
  4. Properly packaging the goods is a must. They pack the goods in the box as per your instruction and record everything for future reference.
  5. In the final stage, they ensure that the package is filled with the required quantity and ready for shipment.
  6. After dispatching the shipment, they will update you through email
  7. They continue to track the shipments until it is reached at its destination place

Where should you assign a Third-party FBA Prep Service?

Typically, most of the items, which are being sold on Amazon, originate in China. So items should be checked before being delivered to Amazon fulfilment centre. It will be too late to identify faulty items and damaged goods if you check them in another country. Whereas you can get it done in china at the cheapest rate in quicker time which results in huge savings of time and money.

Way of Saving Money in FBA prep service

Of course, there are a lot of both local and international service providers who are ready to give you this service. But it is totally your discretion whom you will appoint, how you will cut down your cost. All kinds of activities incur a cost which either give a rise to product price or reduce your profit.

Here we are explaining several ways how you can save money in FBA prep services in China

  • a. Checking by your supplier:

You can ask your supplier to inspect the entire shipment from their end. Definitely, it will be significantly lower than any other service provider. Furthermore, your supplier might have in-house facilities for proper packaging and labelling. The wages of Chinese staff is obviously lower than the western staff. The inspection fees will be increased by twice or thrice in any western country.

  • b. Connect with a professional third-party inspection company

There are many professional third-party inspection companies in China. including AQI Service. These companies have long-term cooperation with Western logistics providers and brand owners to assist importers in managing the quality of shipments. Some companies have strong supply chain quality control capabilities.

  • c. Connecting Western-owned Company

Many American or European service companies set up their manufacturing plants in China. These western driven Chinese companies have in-house packaging, labelling, fulfilment, and assembly and quality inspection facilities. As these plants are owned and managed by American or European owners directly, you can expect the same standard.

  • d. Reducing Transportation Cost of Rework

During an inspection, if you find any products defective or damaged or malfunctioning, you can easily send these items back to the supplier. This is probably one of the noteworthy reasons for arranging amazon prep services inside china.

  • e. Cost-Effective Price Packaging Inspection Materials

There appear to be several reasons that led entrepreneurs to perform inspection activities within china. The first reason is that the cost of packing materials is comparatively cheaper in china. Apart from this, the wage of labour is also minimal compared to American labour.

A threat to Amazon FBA Prep outside of China

Apparently, your Chinese supplier will not ship out the goods without being fully paid. On the contrary, you do not know what you are paying for. But once you see the product physically or get the inspection result, you could pay them at that time. You can send back the defective items or you can ask your supplier for a refund. Your supplier can honour your words upto a certain level.

But what will happen if they insist that they have delivered all qualitative products?   You will have nothing to do other than not making your next buy from them. Reversely, if you get an inspection report before making the payment, they will be bound to accept the return and give a new product instead of it. Therefore, there exists a chance of being penalized if manufacturing and inspection occur in different countries.

FBA Product Restrictions

There are a few products which are not allowed on Amazon. Not all products are suitable for Amazon FBA. You must know whether the product you like to sell falls under any restricted category or not. Otherwise, you will invest a lot of money in FBA prep service and Amazon will reject the entire lot that leads to a huge loss. So at the outset, you must have detailed knowledge on it.

Products that are not prepared according to FBA requirements are strictly prohibited under Amazon FBA. Apart from it, the following items are also restricted-

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Tires
  • Any type of certificates
  • Unauthorized marketing materials i.e. stickers
  • Batteries that are packaged unsafely
  • Damaged products
  • Illegally manufactured products

Learn more about Amazon FBA product restrictions on amazon seller central.

In conclusion, Amazon completely reserves the right to finalize which items are prohibited. You may either acquire the required FBA prep knowledge and do the entire inspection yourself, or get in touch with a third-party amazon FBA prep service provider before sending goods to Amazon.


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