What’s The Most Suitable Inspection? PSI Inspection or 100% Inspection?

The pre-shipment inspection (PSI Inspection) usually refers to the inspection at the stage when goods are packed for shipment. we can arrange a full inspection or partial inspection during pre-shipment and thus every buyer finds it difficult to select the appropriate strategy. Since pre-shipment inspection incurs a lot of money, we will discuss how to figure out the cost-effective pre-shipment inspection (More about the PSI Service).

Inspection Package in Alibaba

PSI Inspection or full Inspection (100% Inspection)

It is mentionable that three inspections are most prevalent in Alibaba’s Trade Assurance program. If you place an order here, you have to pick any one of Three Options.

Option-1: In this package, Alibaba’s service team checks carton quantity. Also, they check one carton to identify visual defects and another carton to confirm whether packaging and shipping marks are properly done. Whereas, they do not check the quality of goods anyway. This package costs only $48.

Option-2: Bureau Veritas’ team spend a maximum of two hours for product inspection. Apart from ensuring the quantity, they check the functionality of one piece, quality of three pieces and fifty pieces for workmanship within this determined time, which is admittedly not enough for big consignment. This package costs $118

Option-3: this is probably the best option among the three.

In China Certification & Inspection Group’s service, one dedicated stuff is assigned for the whole day, likely eight hours, at the supplier’s factory to check

  1. Whether or not quantity is correct,
  2. Quality of the product (maximum of ten pieces)
  3. Conformity of product ( maximum of three pieces)
  4. The functionality of the product (maximum of three pieces)
  5. Workmanship defects (maximum five hundred pieces)

Total fees for all these inspections covered by option-3 is $188-$218, which is worthy in comparison with the other two. The first two options will not give you any comprehensive report at all.

Nevertheless, if you are neither happy with any of the above packages nor have any connection to any reliable third party inspection service company, you may choose AQI Service without any doubt. You can customize the package according to your business needs.

Generally, it is commonly seen that Amazon FBA sellers sell newly launched products by a lot of 500 to 1000 units through this quantity may vary to order. But the primary concern of sellers is the quality of products. To ensure the highest quality of every product apart from accurate quantity, sellers tend to adopt a pre-shipment inspection strategy which is we call it Amazon FBA Inspection. (Check more). In pre-shipment inspection, dedicated staff mostly confirm the correct quantity and randomly check the quality of a few items. So, there always remains a chance of having faulty items or damaged products.

Why is proper inspection so important in the starting of business?

 Initial reviews are undoubtedly important when products are just onboard. New buyers usually read the feedback of others who have already bought it. More importantly, products with lower rating have very minimal possibility of being sold. Consequently, fewer negative reviews on newly launched products outweigh dozens of negative reviews on older products, which already achieved satisfaction of thousand customers. Reviews of the first few customers are highly impacted on the life cycle of any product that is being sold on an online platform like Amazon where consumers can share his or her comments on the products.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to go for Full Inspection (100% Inspection) whenever the supplier is new and the product has just entered the market.

Should you go for inspection in China?

 It is opined that you should take full inspection service whatever you are importing and wherever you are purchasing. Whether it is Chinese or European supplier, you must ensure the quantity and quality of all products for the first few orders. Once you are satisfied and going to place your 6th or 5th order, you can choose a cost-effective approach. Or, you can just send the goods directly to Amazon FBA. Whereas, to keep your business up, uphold your brand value, and catch new customers, you should go for full inspection periodically. You never ponder what is happening on your counterpart. Your supplier might change the manufacturing plant, or modify the production process that brings about lower quality products.

How will you balance quality, inspection cost, and product cost?

If you get checked every shipment by a third-party inspection team, you will have to pay extra money. Conversely, if you deliver the goods directly to Amazon FBA without an inspection, there exists a chance of sending either poor quality product. To trade off these factors, you can add the inspection cost of every unit to product cost.

FULL Inspection vs PARTIAL Pre-Shipment Inspection:

All units are checked in FULL Inspection, on the other hand, in Pre-Shipment Inspection, a percentage of the whole shipment selected by AQL Standard (Know more) is inspected by the inspection team before shipment.

A full inspection is reliable as it inspects all items and identifies defect items. But it incurs a huge amount of money and is not cost-effective for every shipment. Though allocation inspection cost into product cost is a solution, it will not work for every product. Higher inspection cost leads to increases in the product price. Reversely, customers always opt to find the best quality at a lower cost. So your product can not compete with others at a higher price in this competitive market. To cut down this cost, you can choose a pre-shipment inspection service, which is also called AQL Inspection.

Factors to be considered for selecting pre-shipment inspection (PSI Inspection):

Composition of material, variety of specification, features of the product are surely the determinant of which inspection to select. If items are very expensive, sophisticated and equipped with a lot of mechanical and electrical items, it is better to hire a reliable inspection company like AQI Service. Reversely, if it’s a relatively simple product and you can check it with your common sense, you can merely select a package that ensures the quantity of the product.

In conclusion, a pre-shipment inspection must be done initially, or regularly or periodically before sending goods to Amazon FBA. Which inspection package is the most suitable for your business depends on the simplicity and complexity of products as well as the vision of your business?  You can get in touch with AQI Service to get the best package at an affordable price.


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