Full Inspection in China: Why Do You Need a 100% Inspection?

Do You Need a Full Inspection or AQL Sampling Inspection?

Have you ever seen your shipment’s product from China still consisting of defective products, even after random sampling inspection? It is when you need a full inspection in China.

Going through a full inspection service means you don’t have to worry about product quality. A poor-quality product will result in chargebacks, taxes, and potentially expensive recalls or legal actions.

There are two main types of inspection: full inspection and AQL random sampling inspection. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a full inspection. If you are new to inspection and wonder which types of inspection you should be using, read this on!

What is 100% Inspection?

Knife Scissors Full Inspection in China, 100% Inspection
Knife Scissors Full Inspection in China

Aligned with its name, 100% inspection is a procedure that examines the WHOLE cargo rather than a few representative samples. However, it does not mean testing every component’s quality feature – this is a component of total quality assurance and is referred to as “Complete Testing” or “Complete Inspection.”

When do you need a full inspection in China? Read on to learn more!

When Do You Need a Full Inspection in China?

Most of the time, a 100% QC inspection is not required. But imagine if you get a lawsuit because your shipping consists of a few fake designer bags from an unreliable supplier. There are still some circumstances where you need a full inspection in China. Examples are:

1. Shipping High-end Or Luxury Items

Precious metals, pricey jewelry, precious-metal watches, bank cash, and cards fall under luxury products.

There is a severe risk of transporting luxury items. It is a crucial task that involves meeting a range of requirements. You won’t want to bear the cost of damaged or fake luxury items. And this is why full inspection is vital in shipping high-end or luxury items.

2. Suppliers Do Not Implement Efficient Quality Controls

You may oversee some suppliers that don’t introduce stringent quality control measures in their manufacturing process. Thus, you will have a higher percentage of getting defective products from these suppliers. It usually happens after the first inspection fails and there is no reaction from the supplier site.

You should get a full inspection in China to avoid customers complaining about your products. It is essential, especially when selling pricey products or products that may severely harm someone if found defective.

If you find the issues, this will be a focused check. Inspectors can do it faster than looking for all problems in one piece, which is more cost-saving and less time-consuming.

3. You Accuse Your Supplier Of Substituting Defective Batches For Good Ones.

Businesses that rely on producing and selling products eventually run into bad batches. Sometimes only one or two products might be faulty, and other times the entire batch would be affected.

You should get a full inspection service if you get a defective product for two or more batches. The manufacturing site will absorb the costs if a product is found defective after the inspection process. In other words, you won’t bear the consequences of reselling faulty products.

Sometimes, you notice your supplier swap your ordered product for a product with defects. You may need to recall the products and send them to the inspection company. In this scenario, full inspection service helps you overcome product quality issues.

4. When A Different Facility Needs To Re-process The Goods Before Shipping

In some situations, products from different factories need to be packed together. In this case, do a full inspection to guarantee the final product’s quality.

100% quality control examinations are often saved for goods with strict safety standards and limited tolerance for flaws. Usually, they are optional for most consumer-grade items.

Should The Full Inspection Be Done In The Supplier Facility?

eyewears full inspection in China 1

As an importer, you may question: “If I appoint a China inspector, is it ideal for a full inspection to be carried out at a supplier facility? Here’s how it works. The place where inspectors will do the inspection depends on a few scenarios. Let’s look at the scenarios below so you can decide whether to let inspectors do a full inspection in China in the supplier facility:

Scenario 1: Low Quantity Products

Low-quantity products need less time for piece-by-piece checking, and the cost per hour for inspectors to check the products is lower. Hence, it is ideal for a full inspection to be done in the supplier facility.

Scenario 2: Simple Manufacturing Products

Products with simple manufacturing processes require fewer professional QC inspectors to check the product, and the tools are not complicated. The cost will be significantly lesser, and it is ideal for the inspector to carry out a full inspection in the supplier facility.

Scenario 3: Products That Can Be Easily Checked In Visual

The naked eye can easily check some items, such as luxurious bags and clothes. If checking the quality of your product requires less time, then the products should be ideal for a full inspection in the supplier facility.

eyewear products full inspection in factory

Scenario 4: Products That Take Long Manufacturing Time

If the workers take five or more person-days of work, the bill of hiring an inspector gets noticeably higher. It could be better, and it might not be realistic to carry out a full inspection in the supplier facility. It is because hiring inspectors are counted as cost per hour. Also, sending inspectors to the supplier facility takes another charge. Thus, sending inspectors to the supplier facility for a few days costs a lot and is more time-consuming.


After all, there is a solution to this situation, and here is how it works. You deliver the product to another facility or agents. Then the inspectors will check the products piece by piece. If the product is accepted, it will be repacked immediately, and it is much cheaper and more efficient than sending inspectors out.


Inspection before shipment is a must to ensure your customer’s satisfaction. Random sampling or full inspection in China is a logical method to guarantee product quality.

Full inspection is essential, especially to avoid the penalties of sending faulty products. You will be less worried about the product’s quality. Moreover, you will get good reviews from customers and generate more sales.

We are a professional inspection company in China that provides all the inspection services needed for your company to succeed. If you have questions regarding any inspection service, feel free to reach us!


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