Wholesale Umbrellas Quality Inspection Procedure and Common Factors

Wholesale Umbrellas Quality Inspection Procedure

As a third-party inspection company, we ensure that our customers do not face any problems at any stage. regarding the quality inspection for wholesale umbrellas, the procedures normally follow AQL 2.5 and AQL 4.0 inspection method, but in some special cases, we would follow any inspection method which our customers request.

Our quality control and inspection procedure include the following functions but most of the customers will choose only step 5 and step 6.

  1. Checks all the fabric/accessories to ensure that quality/color conforms to the customer’s requirement.
  2. Our Quality Assurance and merchandising team to evaluate the pre-production sample if the factory is ready for pre-production.
  3. Our Quality Assurance team evaluates pre-production and then is finally approved for bulk production.
  4. As bulk production starts, our Quality Assurance team goes for Pre-Production Inspection. 
  5. At the middle stage of production, if the result is acceptable and then we go for During Production inspection. Here we check the case pack, carton quality, shipping mark, assortments, presentation, etc.
  6. If the during production inspection result is acceptable, then we go for a final random inspection, and if the final inspection passed, the customer could approve for the shipment.

Quality Control Solution For Wholesale Umbrellas

To ensure the quality of the highest standard, we inspect at every stage of the production process. The following are the Quality control & Inspection steps for sourcing and manufacturing:

  • a. Fabric inspection and testing
  • b. Accessories inspection and testing
  • c. Fabric cutting check
  • d. Pre-production inspection
  • e. During Production inspection.
  • f.  Pre-shipment Inspection (Final random inspection)

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Different Type of Wholesale Umbrellas

Advertising umbrella, Bag umbrella, Bamboo paper umbrella, Beach Umbrella, Bottle umbrella, Color change umbrella, Folding Umbrella, Fishing Umbrella, Garden Umbrella, Gazebo, Golf Umbrella, Head Umbrella, Kids Umbrella, Lover umbrella, LED umbrella, Parasol umbrella, Patio umbrella, Poe umbrella, Printing umbrella, Red wedding umbrella, Section Umbrella, Stick Umbrella, Straight Umbrella, Transparent umbrella, Umbrella Base

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Common factors For Umbrellas Quality Inspection

  • 1. Appearance requirements
  • 2. Size
  • 3. Product integrity requirements
  • 4. parachute in from disk stability
  • 5. Use safety requirements
  • 6. Switching performance
  • 7. Automatic parachute force
  • 8. Umbrella pole and umbrellas fastness
  • 9. Umbrella pole wind strength
  • 10. Switching cycles without failure Contact
  • 11 Rain Performance
  • 12. Fastness
  • 13. Umbrella rib
  • 14. Corrosion
  • 15. Umbrella UV ( Related: Did your umbrella passed UV Standard 801?)
  • 16. Open/close check

Author: AQI Service as a professional quality control service company in China specialized in providing a complete range of quality inspection and testing certification services in China & Asia for global importers, buyers, retailers, and sellers.

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