Why the Quality of “Made in China” Products Improved So Much in Years.

Made in China

While incomes have risen in China, they are still lower than in the advanced economies. with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, China has a lot of companies. while most follow the old ways and eventually fall by the wayside, a tiny minority survive by improving the quality of their products to the surprise of China’s demanding consumers.

However, a small number do take this state of affairs seriously and do their best to improve the quality of their products.

China’s Demanding Consumers

This raises the question of why quality has improved so much in China in recent years. The answer is: because Chinese consumers are so demanding.

One reason they are so demanding is that, as incomes have risen, they now expect good quality when once they would have been satisfied if something simply worked. However, that is not the only reason.

If Chinese consumers nevertheless want to buy products with the same functionality, it is hardly surprising if they find the products expensive and complain accordingly. Moreover, as quality standards in the country as a whole are still low, consumers have little option but to take personal responsibility for checking the quality of the goods they buy.

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Here Original article from Chiwoong Lee from Caixinglobal.com

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