What should be done before an Inspection Booking in Asia

What to do before an Inspection Booking Process

In the recent years, the E-Commerce market grows up quickly, many small importers start buying in China, online or offline to contact the suppliers directly, but they feel a need for quality control (QC) after got failure times, here is what buyers need to know before the Inspection Booking Process and how to create Product Inspection Booking Form & Checklist

1)  Defining clear expectations

Arranging a QC inspection will force you to get organized and to define your expectations.

The inspection company will ask you to prepare product requirements or specifications regarding the sizes, reliability tests, technical data, packaging, packing method, etc. They can also suggest some elements to check in order to create a clear checklist as agreed by 3 parties including you, QC company and your supplier, and if necessary in relation to laboratory testing. then proceed to prepare the checklist for your product. (More about Product Testing Scope)

Note: Please be noted that not to let your supplier choose an inspection company for you because their interest is to make the inspection easy to pass.

2) Let your supplier know about inspections and booking early

China Inspection Service backgroundWhen starting your working with a supplier, telling your supplier that a shipment will be inspected has a direct impact on how careful they will be with your production. this step is very important to put the product at a higher quality level, we say there should be always a quality control system to ensure the quality of products, avoid any serious mistake before shipment.

So you should also ask your supplier to confirm an inspection date in advance. booking a quality inspection from your signed third-party inspection company, normally there are several different types of inspections for your choose, In case of a final inspection (Pre-shipment Inspection), the inspection booking date should be sent at least 3 days earlier than the ex-factory date (which itself is several days before the shipment date). since there is an inspection booking process in each QC company. ( Related: Top 10 third party inspection companies in China.)

3) Tie payments to quality inspection acceptance

You should mention that an accepted inspection report will be necessary for triggering the final payment. Write it into the order contract, and/or in the letter of credit. This is the best signal you can send to your supplier: you are serious about quality and he should be, too.

However, don’t put too much pressure on your supplier. Some buyers say: “you can’t ship unless I see a passed report, and you pay for air freight if you miss the deadline”.

This is counter-productive for two reasons.

  • First, many inspections are failed for reasons that are actually acceptable for the buyer. because the buyer always has the final word.
  • Second, a desperate factory often tries to bribe the inspector. because a bribe may cheaper than the risk of a failed inspection or cost of reworking.

What you should tell your supplier is this:

  • The report will form the basis for communication between us. Because this is an important means for us to understand the status of the goods.
  • I hope you respect my quality standards and we will advise you on what to do if problems are found.
  • I count on you to facilitate the work of the inspector and to prohibit any form of bribery.

All these terms or explanations are based on long-term cooperation between the two parties. In order to provide the final consumer with the best cost-effective products or services, so to find a supplier with a sound quality control system and who agrees with these concepts is Very heavy.

Learn more about the inspection booking process and More about Inspection Checklist


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