7 Tips You Should Consider for Importing Christmas Gifts from China

When Christmas comes, all of us immerse ourselves in outlying dollars for shopping including different type of Christmas gifts. Because Christmas is an occasion when everyone expects a gift from his or her friends, family members or relatives. While buying gifts for others, the first thing we usually focus on is the aesthetic beauty of the products. We are likely to buy an astounding product and make our beloved one surprised. Having seen the attractive decoration or outside, we often forget about the quality of the products. On the other hand, some dishonest businesspersons grab this chance and sell lower quality products at higher prices. So you need to go through the right category and simultaneously find the right gifts for the right person.

Here are a few tips for choosing the Quality Christmas Gifts:

What are the things you, as a wholesaler, should consider while importing gift items for doing business at Christmas? There are quite several factors and different people will come up with a variety of ideas while answering this question. However, here are some generalized characteristics of Christmas gifts:

1. Quality:

Christmas Gifts Children ToysIf you are a wholesaler buying bulk quantity of gift items to sell on Christmas occasion, you must give priority to import quality products. You must check whether your supplier has shipped out the right product or not.  Unless you ensure quality, your revenue will certainly decline in the following years because your brand will fail to achieve customer satisfaction and customers will rather be prone to trail with other brands.

Customers may buy a product with little consideration, but consumers will mark this brand’s name as rejected and they neither buy it for their personal nor buy for giving a gift. Therefore, if you plan to semi-finished or finished products from a Chinese supplier, you should check the quality of imported items first before placing bulk orders. a Third Party Quality Control Agency can test the goods on behalf of you.

However, the quality of any item mainly comprises two basic attributes. Firstly, how does it perform against expectation which is known as functionality? Secondly, how long it can perform against the usages which are known as durability.

  A. Functionality:

If you want to import any electronic items, gadgets, motorized or non-motorized items such as small home appliances, baby-toys, etc from China or any Asian country for Christmas occasion, you must check the functionality before being shipped out. If you are unable to fly to the manufacturing country, you can contact the third party to check the functionality of the products.

  B. Durability:

Sellers might think that customers won’t assess the durability of Christmas gifts, but consumers might keep themselves away from buying this brand if they find it not durable.

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2. Price

Price is a matter of concern. You have to discuss with your supplier to produce products at different prices. Otherwise, your customers will be confined to a certain class of society.

Additionally, you will have to assess construction material, fabrication and assembly process properly so that you can negotiate with suppliers while fixing price.

3. Quantity

This should be a major concern though many buyers forget to check package size and quantity. Assume, you are going to import a huge number of boxes and each box contains a certain number of packets. You must check a few boxes randomly whether any box has a short of packets or any box abound of extra packets. You may be the single customer of your supplier, but you have to sell these goods to multiple customers. Therefore, you cannot let anyone be a loser or winner buying from you. So, you have to ensure that the gift items are packed correctly from your suppliers and simultaneously you are selling goods to your customers as you are committed. For this purpose, importers need the third party inspection agency like AQI Service to check whether the order is shipped out at right quantity or not.

4. Packaging

The packaging is undoubtedly an important aspect of every product, especially Christmas gifts. they are usually packed gorgeously to appeal to the customer. Sometimes customers prioritize product design and packaging more than product quality.

5. Usefulness

Is Christmas gift being used for once? Definitely not. It depends on the type of products. The recipient may use it for several times or keep it for a long time if it is a worthy one. A useful gift might be an indispensable part of the recipient’s life. Therefore, whenever you opt to do business on this occasion, choose useful gift items to import.

6. Design

Considering the customer’s expectation, wholesalers should import items of different designs. Sometimes, it is seen that suppliers fail to deliver the goods with the required design. So, you must randomly check the product to be ensured that all the things are coming as expected during the product inspection.

7. Safety & Healthy

If you are importing Christmas gifts, you must ensure those gift items, regardless of its type, are free from danger. If the targeted customers are children or teenagers, items must be made with a consideration of adequate safety. If you intend to import various kinds of food items such as biscuits, chocolates, etc, you must check whether the supplier has necessary certifications from recognized institutions. Need to mention, your supplier might show fake certificates during the dealing. Therefore, it will be better if you justify the legal papers such as company license, certificates, award, etc by a Chinese agency with whom the supplier cannot do any kind of manipulation.

While we will be teetering on the brink of Christmas, the number of Chinese suppliers will increase ominously. Having seen a wide variety of products at different prices in different colours, it is intractable to find the right product at the right price. Therefore, it is recommended to make an agreement with an agency that will help to sort out the qualitative manufacturer of Christmas gift items.


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